Making crates!

This week in 3D we’ve been making basic crates to get hang of making simple models. We were to make three crates, each one of a different theme which were: Sci fi, Urban contemporary, Post-apocalyptic, Medieval and Cartoony. I chose the themes, Sci-fi, Urban contemporary and Cartoony for my crates.

Cartoony crate


  • Big shapes
  • Round
  • Unproportional


The cartoony theme is to me big shapes and bright colours, with unrealistic proportions. I made this crate with an adventure game in mind, much like The legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Why I chose Windwaker as a reference is because it to me is an icon for cartoonish graphics, with its cell shaded world, and wacky figures. The way that they have made enviroments and characters, fits very well into the theme.

Making this, I was thinking big and playful shapes to make it look more interesting. I made this one in the form of a chest, because of the idea of an adventure game. I made sure to make the metallic parts of the chest big and very extruding from the chest in order to make it feel big. The bottom wooden parts of the chest are made so that they are jutting in towards the middle, to make it feel weird and mysterious.

Box 2


Sci-fi crate


  • Blocky shapes
  • Streamlined
  • Man-made

Thinking Sci-fi, I see streamlined forms, a lot of sharp edges and a clean look, yet realistic. I made the Sci-fi crate with Mass effect in mind, where the objects in the game are very blocky, streamlined and clean. Having these properties on an object gives the feel of something being very futuristic and man-made. An object with more round shapes and maybe organic, could give a alien feel to it instead. Mass effect is a great reference because of its great versatility in style and culture. In the game, one can see the man-made ships and colonies, towering buildings and vehicles. Then there are the alien cities, some organic and other with other creative forms. They convey the feeling of grandness, to see that there is a whole myriad of races with different style, architecture and weaponry. It can make my mind sway, thinking of all the different possibilities there are within such lore.

The box I made is supposed to resemble a med-kit with a futuristic look. I made sure to have a lot of edges and inward extrusions, making small gaps on the object. If i had time to colour and texture it properly, I would add light sources that indicate that it is a mechanical construction. Box 1


Urban contemporary crate


  • Man-made
  • Blocky shapes
  • Realistic

For the Urban crate, I took Watch dogs as reference, with its near future world. With cities looking like the ones found in the world today. With the Urban theme, I would think that things should look realistic and as close as it looks in real life. And in a city based world, there will be a lot of objects one can recognize, with everything from lamp posts to thrash cans. Watch dogs is a good reference for objects because of how they managed to make the city look consistent, with small objects standing everywhere, and even if there are a lot of them, they do not disturb the focus of the player, they just blend in like they should.

When I made the Urban crate, I wanted to make sure that it could blend in to an urban environment without being too attention grabbing, so I made a trash can. It has a blocky figure which indicates that it is man-made.

Box 3


I think this exercise has been great for both learning how to see different elements from different styles, and to practice general modeling of objects. It’s interesting to see how every style and theme approaches the different elements. Like the cartoon one for instance, I have actually never taken a closer look when playing Zelda at chests, urns, etc. And taken the time to think why they have the shapes and forms like they do. Now that we have actually gone through the elements, shapes and such. I can actually understand what feeling they want to convey with different objects.

With this new knowledge, I will start analyzing objects in games further, and not only in the cartoon themed games, but in as many as I can. The more you know, the better. At least in this case.

I can not really think of any negative points of this exercise. Making objects in 3D is always good practice, especially the ones new to the 3D thinking and softwares.

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